Eddy Current Separator Set in Container

Eddy Current Separator Send for C&D Waste Metal Recycling

Eddy Current Separator For C&D Recycling

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Magnetic Separation Line Send to Construction & Demolition Waste Rcycling Industry

In November, we delivered a complete line of magnetic sorting and recycling equipment to the construction waste recycling industry. Including our featured magnetic separation equipment such as ecs, overband magnet, and magnetic head pulley. They will be used in the recycling of steel, aluminum, copper and other metals in the construction waste, bringing huge profits to the recycling industry.

Among them, we have customized an ecs equipped with vibrating feeder, dust collection device, and screening system for our client, and put them together in a portable container. This eddy current separation station is easy to operate and maintain, and it can process more than 10m³ Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D Waste) per hour.

Magnetic Separator For Construction Waste_Rubbish Metal Recycling
Magnetic Separator For Construction Waste_Rubbish Metal Recycling

What is Eddy Current Separator?

An ECS uses a fast alternating and powerful magnetic field to separate non-ferrous metals from waste. Regarding the working principle of eddy current separator, we have introduced it in detail in another blog.

In view of the efficient separation effect of ECS for non-ferrous metals, it is widely used in many non-ferrous metal recycling industries, such as: domestic waste, ASR (automotive shredder residue), IBA (incinerator bottom ash), PET, glass cullet, C&D, etc.

Why Choose GTEK MAGNET Eddy Current Separator?

  1. More than 20 years' experience of manufacturing magnetic separation equipment.
  2. Competitive price and guaranteed product quality.
  3. Free sample testing service.
  4. Use ABB driving motor as standard and optional SEW motors as alternatives.
  5. Use original SKF rotor bearings to ensure the best stability.
  6. Use N50 grade NdFeB magnet as the magnetic core.
  7. The quality standard refers to ISO9001:2015.

Looking For a Metal Separating Equipment?

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Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separators have widely applications in various fields. GTEK has more than 20 years' experience of manufacturing most commonly used magnetic separator. Get the one that suits your magnetic separation processing best.

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