Magnets for Chemicals

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Grate Magnets

Grate Magnets are installed or simply placed in the storage, drawer box, hopper and other places, they are used to capture and remove iron filings, iron pieces and other metal substances from the product flow.

Drawer Magnet

Drawer Magnets are widely used in ceramics, chemicals, plastics, rubber, dyes, mining, food, environmental protection and other fields.

Rotary Magnet

Rotary Magnet is a good choice for removing ferromagnetic impurities in materials that are easy to agglomerate, block, sticky or have poor fluidity.

Conveyor Metal Detector

Conveyor metal detector can detect harmful metals on the conveyor belt and give early warning, which can protect the safety of the subsequent process. Many industries are using metal detection, such as aggregate, food, wood, mine, cement, coal mine, chemical, etc.

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