Magnets for Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling

With the rise in global crude oil prices, the price of plastic products, one of petroleum derivatives, has naturally risen, and the recycling of waste plastics has also been mentioned as the top priority. The recycling of waste plastics has been widely adopted by modern industrial enterprises.

After manual screening and classification, the waste plastics have to be crushed, granulated, and modified to become various transparent and opaque plastic particles, which are then classified according to the phase of the product, and finally become recycled materials that can be reused.

GTEK Magnet offers various kinds of magnetic equipment for plastic recycling.

Magnets For Plastic Recycling | GTEK

Eddy Current Separator For PET Recycling

The eddy current separator not only makes outstanding contributions to waste electronic waste, domestic waste, and construction waste, but now it is also more widely used in the recycling fields of PET, PVC, PE, pharmaceutical bottles and cans.

Eddy Current Separators are usually used for sorting Aluminum and Copper mixed in the plastic.

It is used in machine sorting process to reduce the burden of manual sorting. Check how a PET recycling processing work.

Inline Separating Magnets

Grate Magnets

Magnetic grid can separate magnetic impurities from plastic particles to ensure the quality of plastic products and the safe use of subsequent equipment

Double Layer Grate Magnet

Drawer Magnets

Drawer Magnet is actually a multi-layer grate magnet with housing.

Drawer Magnet are widely used in plastic recycling, environmental protection and other fields.

Its interface can be designed as a flange or square to match the corresponding pipe shape.

Easy-Clean Type Drawer Magnet - GTEKmagnet

Pneumatic Self-cleaning Drawer Magnet

Want an uninterrupted iron removal solution of plastic recycling? Pneumatic self-cleaning drawer magnet is definitely your best choice.

It can work continuously for 24h or more, also could be designed into flange and square interface according to the pipeline shape.

pneumatic self-cleaning drawer magnets - GTEKmagnet

Bullet Magnet

Bullet Magnet is usually installed in gravity pipelines or air ducts.

It used to remove iron impurities (such as iron filings, nuts, screws, bolts) in dry powder and granular materials.

Bullet Magnets | GTEKmagnet


Grate Magnets

Grate Magnets are installed or simply placed in the storage, drawer box, hopper and other places, they are used to capture and remove iron filings, iron pieces and other metal substances from the product flow.

Bullet Magnets

Bullet Magnet is usually installed in gravity pipelines or air ducts, used to remove iron impurites (such as iron filings, nuts, screws, bolts) in dry powder and granular materials.

Drawer Magnet

Drawer Magnets are widely used in ceramics, chemicals, plastics, rubber, dyes, mining, food, environmental protection and other fields.

Eddy Current Separator

GTEK Eddy Current Separator is an advanced metal sorting unit which is capable of separating non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper from dry recyclables.

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