Magnetic Separator For Ceramic Production

Magnetic Separator For Ceramic Production – Quality Improvement Of Ceramic

Magnetic Separators For Ceramic Industries

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Why Use Magnetic Separator For Ceramic Production

As a practitioner in the ceramics industry, in order to occupy more market shares, the only way is to produce more high-end and high-quality ceramics to meet market demand and create a brand image.

As we all know, the key to judging a product is the appearance and internal quality, and one of the important factors affecting the appearance and internal quality of ceramic products is the level of iron content. Therefore, in the production process of ceramic products, especially in the production of white or light-colored building or sanitary ceramic products, iron removal should be an important production process.

Ceramic Tiles Production Line

At present, architectural and sanitary ceramics manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the problem of iron separating, and the use of ceramic magnetic separator is also expanding: from only using magnetic separator for slips and glazes to use also in blanks; More and more ceramic products require iron removal, and the requirements for iron separating are also getting higher.

A ceramic production line has developed from the installation of single magnetic separator to the installation of 3~4 multi-stage magnetic separators; the magnet bar required quantity has also developed from a dozen to two or three hundred. You can see the investment is getting bigger.

GTEK Magnetic Separators For Ceramic Production

Cleaning Of Fine Iron Particles From Slips & Glazes

Tube Magnets are widely used in the removal of ferromagnetic substances in various powders and slurries such as ceramic glaze slurry, mud, pigment, food, chemical industry, etc.

The actual measured value of the standard tube magnet produced by GTEK® is greater than the marked value, with stable performance and strong sealing. Shell made of high-quality stainless steel and has a longer service life.

14000Gs Tube Magnet - Magnetic Separator For Ceramic

Magnetic Liquid Trap, aka Magnetic Liquid Filter, is used in fluid, semi-fluid and other fluid materials with different viscosity to remove iron impurities and other ferromagnetic particles for keeping the material clean and protecting the downstream production equipment.

It is widely used in food industries, ceramic industries, central heating system, etc. We provide various types of Magnetic Liquid Traps to meet your specific requirements.

Magnetic Separator For Ceramic - Magnetic Liquid Trap

Wet High Intensity Electromagnetic Separator is widely used in the removal and separation of fine iron impurities and magnetic substances in slurry glaze in ceramics, glass, chemical, electronics, food, medicine and other industries.

It can operate complete automatically. The iron unloading adopts vibration and high-pressure water pump flushing, which is convenient and quick, and the effect is completely and without residue.

Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator
Fine Iron Removal From Spray-dried Ceramics (Dry Powders)

Magnetic Drum Separator aka drum magnet with housing can remove iron contaminants from powder or fine-grained materials, it is suitable for purification of non-metallic ores such as refractory materials, glass, ceramics, abrasives, etc.

GTEK® provides a variety of magnetic forces for you to choose from(1000 ~ 6000Gs). As well as other customized service.

Magnetic Drum Separator - GTEKmagnet

Grate Magnets aka Magnetic Grids, are installed or simply placed in the storage, drawer box, hopper and other places.

Grid Magnets are used to capture and remove iron filings, iron pieces and other metal substances from the product flow.

We offer various optional type: Ordinary type, Easy-clean Type, Square, Round or others.

Drawer Magnet is actually a multi-layer grate magnet with housing.

Drawer Magnet are widely used in ceramics, chemicals, plastics, rubber, dyes, mining, food industries to remove ferromagnetic impurities in dry powder, sheet, granular and other materials.

In order to realize automatic unloading of iron impurities, we also provide the pneumatic self-cleaning version drawer magnet, which has continuous automatic iron removal function.

The pneumatic self-cleaning drawer magnet can save the time of manual cleaning, and can continue to unload iron during the material conveying process, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor costs

Drawer Magnet | GTEKmagnet
Pneumatic Self-cleaning Drawer Magnet Working Principle

Magnetic Head Pulley is usually installed on the end of the conveyor belt and is suitable for the automatic separation of iron filings, iron pieces, iron blocks or other ferromagnetic materials from large quantities of dry materials such as ore, grains, sand, gravel, plastics, wood, broken glass, waste, etc.

Our high intensity series magnetic head pulley can reach 15000Gs, which can efficiently remove iron impurities in fine powder.

High Intensity Magnetic Head Pulley

Tips For Using Magnetic Separators In Ceramic Industries

Before determining the type of the suitable magnetic separator, analyze the source and contentof ferromagnetic impurities in the material, and then take appropriate treatment measures.

Magnetic separartion should be carried out in the screened raw materials to avoid the entry of larger particles and other impurities, which will hinder the proper performance of the magnetic separator.

The magnetic separator should be located at a low temperature position to extend the service life of the magnetic source.

Cleaning of tube magnet is the key to ensuring the effect of iron removal. The cleaning interval should be determined according to the iron content in the slurry or powder, or use the self-cleaning equipment.

Due to the different prices of high temperature resistant magnets and conventional magnets, tube magnets or other separators should be selected according to the on-site operating temperature.

Violent impact and severe vibration will change part of the properties of the magnetic source material, thereby weakening the magnetic field, so the operator must be very careful when cleaning or installing.

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