Overband Magnet for Mobile Impactor

Overband Magnet Proudly Supplying to ZOOMLION

GTEK Overband Magnet Proudly Supplying the Leading Heavy Machinery Manufacturer

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In July, 2021, GTEK has delivered a batch of overband magnets to the ZOOMLION®, and they will be equipped on its new mobile impact crusher series. For removing the ferrous scraps from crushed materials.


Overband Magnet for Mobile Crusher

ZOOMLION® is world's fifth largest and China's largest construction machinery enterprise. Zoomlion is best known for its "aurora green" machines and product quality.

As the top domestic manufacturer of magnetic separators, GTEK has extensive experience in applying cross belt magnetic separators to a variety mobile machineries.

After discussion, we provided customized services for the ZOOMLION mobile impact crusher, make our overband magnet installed prefectly above the main discharging belt, and the main color is coordinated with the machine body.

It is our honor that ZOOMLION chooses us to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

The Best Overband Magnet for Mobile Machinery Application

Why GTEK® RCYQ series permanent overband magnet is the best choice for your mobile equipment? Check below unique features we specially designed for mobile machinery applications:

The compact body allows the cross belt magnet to exert its iron removal ability even in a narrow and limited space.

Optional hydraulic drive motor, can be integrated to the existing hydraulic system of the mobile installation, so that no additional power supply is required.

Unique model design, simple installation, more convenient and quicker belt replacement, optional armored belt, to prevent sharp iron impurities from scratching the belt, prolong the life of the belt, and save operating costs.

Super performance, unique Neodymium and Ferrite composite magnetic system, deeper penetration and stronger adsorption capacity. We also provide optional T1, T2, T3 magnetic intensity enhanced type.

Looking For a Conveyor Belt Magnetic Separator?

We are here to help!

No matter from mining quarry to recycling the facility, our experts will support you the tailor-made magnetic solution and suggestion. Contact us today to get a free one!

Permanent and Electro Overband Magnets

Need a solution for conveyor belt magnetic separation? Check the best over-belt option for removing scrap metals or other magnetic impurities from the materials that are transported by a conveyor belt.

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