Conveyor Metal Detector

What for?

Conveyor metal detectors can detect harmful metals that mixed into your products in conveyor applications. It gives early warning and protects subsequent equipment or processes from downtime or damage.

GTEK GJT series metal detector is widely used in mining, aggregate, power generation, wood, cement, coal, and other industries that require conveyor transport.

It can either be interlocked with the conveyor control in the existing system or it can be connected with the pull cord switch via NC and NO relays. For more information, contact us today!


Metal detection

Able to detect various magnetic and non-magnetic materials, minimum down to 60x60mm*.

PVC-insulated shell

With good anti-corrosion performance, suitable for harsh environments on site, and easy to install.

Intelligent sensitivity adjustment

Adjustable sensitivity according to ore grade, belt speed, mineral type, digital setting, good stability, and strong applicability.


Multi-level anti-interference measures are adopted to effectively prevent misoperations.

* The minimum detectable size will vary due to different material grades, types, and average size.

GJT Series Metal Detectors

GJT-2F Dual-Coil
GJT-2F Dual Layer Coil
  • High-sensitivity, dual-layer coil design
  • Fine detection
GJT-3F Concave Shape Metal Detector
GJT-3F Concave Shape Metal Detector
  • Designed for three-idler conveyors
  • Medium and large metal detection
GJT-4F Flat Plate
GJT-4F Flat Plate
  • Designed for flat conveyors
  • Medium and large metal detection


The overband magnets can only remove paramagnetic objects but can hardly attract weak magnetic metals such as high manganese liners and high chromium liners. In such cases, conveyor metal detectors protect the subsequent equipment by detecting the metals missed by magnets and stopping the conveyor belts for manual pick-up. It plays an important role in protecting the safe operation of crushing equipment and belt conveyors, improving production efficiency, reducing downtime, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and enhancing the level of automated production.

A conveyor metal detector relies on electromagnetic induction to identify and remove metal contaminants from products moving along a conveyor belt. The system includes coils that generate an electromagnetic field. As materials pass through this field, any metal (conductive) objects disrupt it, triggering a detection process.

When a metal object, such as a contaminant, enters the field, it induces eddy currents in the metal. This induces a secondary magnetic field, and sensors within the metal detector pick up on changes in the electromagnetic field. The system’s electronics analyze these signals, determining the presence, type, and size of the metal. Adjustable sensitivity settings allow operators to customize the detector for different products.

If the detector identifies a metal contamination exceeding a predetermined threshold, it activates an alarm or rejection system. This ensures that the affected product is promptly removed from the conveyor line, preventing potential harm or damage.

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