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Drum Magnet is generally placed at the end of the conveyor belt for the separation of scrap steel in most recycling industries, it can also effectively separate the weak magnetic materials from non-magnetics because of its high magnetic intensity.

High Intensity Drum Magnet is suitable for using as a secondary magnetic separator or fine sorting equipment to separate those incompletely separated magnetics. It is can used in iron recycling plant for recycling of mild steel and cast iron, or in HC FeCr (Ferrochrome) production plant for sorting FeCr that are mixed in slags.

According to the different feeding methods, we provide two versions of the magnetic drum for your choice:

  • GTSXG series up-suction type drum magnet
  • GTRCT series upper-feed drum magnet

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    GTSXG Series Up-suction Type Drum Magnet

    GTSXG series Drum Magnet is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving magnetic separator using on conveyors of different specifications.

    It is mainly used for iron separation of scrap metal or steel slag in iron factory, foundry workshop and metallurgical plant.

    Drum Magnet Working Principle - GTEKmagnet


    ◆ Optional permanent magnet or electromagnet as the magnetic source, designed for automatic iron unloading.

    ◆ Adopt up-suction separation method, which has high selection rate of large iron pieces.

    ◆ The uniquely designed stainless steel lining as a protective layer can effectively reduce the damage of sharp ferromagnetic scarps, makes it has long service life and operate reliably. Low maintenance, greatly reduces the operation cost.

    ◆ Rare earth neodymium magnet is used as the permanent magnetic source, the magnetic performance is stable and reliable, and the demagnetization rate is less than 5% within eight years.

    Drum Magnet in action - GTEKmagnet

    ◆ Compact and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance and repair, long-term trouble-free operation.

    ◆ It has large magnetic field strength, high gradient and strong suction at rated height.

    GTRCT Series Upper-feed Type Drum Magnet

    GTRCT series drum magnet is usually used with eddy current separator for protecting the machine by separate iron parts, it has high magnetic field strength, strong iron absorption capacity, good sorting effect, and is suitable for sorting and recycling large-grained and weak magnetic iron parts after crushing.

    Drum Magnet Working Principle - GTEKmagnet


    ◆ The magnetic drum adopts effective protection device to prevent the barrel skin from wearing;

    ◆ Large magnetic field strength and range, magnetic intensity of drum surface can be customize from 800-8000Gs, according to your on-site requirements;

    Automatic separation, designed for continuous operation, large processing capacity with high recovery rate;

    Simple but strong structure, reliable operation and easy installation.

    ◆ Drum dimension can be customized according to expect capacity. Or you can provide the drawing for us to manufacture.

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    Drum Magnet With Vibrating Feeder

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