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Magnetic Pulley or Magnetic Head Pulley is usually installed at the end of the belt conveyor and is suitable for the automatic separation of iron filings, iron pieces, iron blocks or other ferromagnetic materials from large quantities of dry materials such as ore, grains, sand, gravel, plastics, wood, broken glass, waste, etc.


  • The surface material of magnetic pulley can be made of 304 or 316L fully sealed stainless steel to meet hygiene requirements;
  • Seamless welding technology makes our magnetic pulley with good sealing and corrosion-resistant;
  • Surface can be knurled to increase friction;
  • Standard working temperature ≤80 ℃, but can be made reach upto 350 ℃ under special requirements;
  • Optional ferrite or rare earth permanent magnet as the material, the maximum surface magnetic intensity can reach 15000Gs (usually for powder).

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    GTEK® - Your Trusted Magnetic Pulley Manufacturer

    GTEK® needs to produce nearly 1,000 magnetic pulleys of different specifications each year. The quality of our magnetic pulleys has been recognized by customers worldwide. After long-term accumulated manufacturing experience, we are able to:

    • Offer the most competitive price;
    • Customize according to your drawings;
    • Provide different magnetic field strengths from 800Gs~15000Gs;
    • Use different surface treatment technologies, such as: knurled, rubber coating, polishing, sandblasting, etc.
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