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GTEK Overband Magnetic Separator


GTEK™ designed overband magnets to help remove the ferrous impurities in the material flow, thus to protect the subsequent equipment and improve the material grade.

GTEK is able to supply a whole metal separation line which can be tailor-made by your own situation, provides industries with a reliable and extremely effective solution of metal extraction.

The overbelt magnet is mainly composed with a powerful plate magnet (permanent or electro), optional steel or stainless frame, vulcanized rubber belt with scraper, and a driven system.

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    Overband Magnet For Sale

    • GTEK MAGNET offers both Permanent Overbelt Magnet and Electro Overbelt Magnet, contact us for the best solution to your magnetic separation process.
    Permanent Overband Magnet

    Permanent overband magnet is mainly composed of a powerful plate magnet and a discharge belt system. It is suitable for most cases of iron removing. It has the features of compact dimension and lower power consumption.

    Electro Overband Magnet

    The magnetic source of electro overband magnet is generated from excitation coil. It can provide a deeper penetrating magnetic field and higher magnetic intensity than the permanent overband. Suitable for thicker material layer and heavier iron pieces.

    Why GTEK Conveyor Belt Magnetic Separator?

    Optional permanent and electro magnetic source for specific applications. Our experienced team can provide suggestion if you are not sure which type suits best.

    We hold the most popular models in-stock, provide a 7-day fast delivery service, and most models can be shipped within 14 days.

    Unique model design, simple installation, more convenient and quicker belt replacement, optional armored belt, to prevent sharp iron impurities from scratching the belt, prolong the life of the belt, and save operating costs.

    Automatically tramp iron unloading, ensure a long-term, trouble-free, continuous operation.

    Once the order was delivered, our service is just begin and will never stop. Free parts replacing (wear parts exclude) in warranty period, 24 hours lifetime technical support.

    Active magnetic width (adapt conveyor belt width) up to 2400mm (94 ½"), and an operating height up to 650mm (25 ½"), we can also offers extensive custom design options to suit larger conveyor belt widths.

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    GTEK MAGNET™ - Your Trusted Overband Magnet Manufacturer

    GTEK® has more than 20 years' experience of designing and manufacturing industrial magnetic separator. Our products have been proven their performance in hundreds of metal separation lines. Meanwhile we are having long-term cooperation with several mobile equipment manufacturers, to supply the cross belt magnet as a optional auxiliary equipment on their machine.

    We are able to offer a complete separation line design accodring to your situation, we insist on providing the most cost-effective metal recycling program, and make waste metals reusable.


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