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Permanent Lifting Magnets (aka Heavy Duty Magnets, Magnetic Lifters) are divided into manual permanent lifting magnets and automatic permanent lifting magnets. Adopting the highest performance magnetic material NdFeB, making it smaller in size, lighter in weight, stronger in holding force. WIth unique magnetic circuit design, residual magnetism is almost zero.

The safety factor is high and the maximum pull-off force is 3.5 times the rated lifting force.

The manual type permanent lifting magnet's handle switch is equipped with a safety button, which can be operated with single hand, very convenient and safe.

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    Features & Applications

    Permanent Lifting Magnets are suitable for handling steel plates, iron blocks and cylindrical iron materials. Such as mechanical parts, punch molds and various types of steel materials.

    Permanent Lifting Magnets are widely used in the machinery industry, mold manufacturing, warehouses and transportation departments to transport steel plates, steel ingots and other magnetically conductive objects.

    This product is a power-free lifting equipment. The structure of GTEK PML series permanent lifting magnets are advanced, it features in:

    • The safety factor is high, and the maximum pull-out force is 3.5 times the rated lifting force (the real maximum pull-out force on the market is currently 2-2.5 times);
    • Super long quality guarantee period of 5 years;
    • The bottom adopts argon arc welding technology, fully enclosed welding, and the organization of iron filings and small debris enters the inside of the product to extend the service life;
    • The two sides of the lifting magnet use super strong stainless steel material, which is more durable and impact resistant;
    • The magnet uses super-strong magnetic NdFeB N42 grade permanent magnet;
    • The large chamfering around the bottom effectively protects the flatness of the bottom surface and allows the lifter to fully exert its magnetic force;
    • There is a V-shaped groove design at the bottom, which is more widely used. Suitable for lifting the corresponding round steel and shaped objects.
    permanent lifting magnets in action
    Permanent Lifting Magnet Lifting Round Steel

    How Does A Permanent Lifting Magnet Work?

    Permanent lifting magnets are made using Faraday's electromagnetic induction principle. The high-performance permanent magnetic material NdFeB powder is used internally, which can generate strong suction in the magnetic circuit. The magnetic force line can be changed by turning the handle to make the lifter work or off

    When the magnetic lifter is in working state, the suction surface at the bottom constitutes a pair of longitudinal magnetic poles, which firmly attracts the workpiece of iron materials, and there is a V-shaped groove on the bottom surface, so it can also suck the cylindrical workpieces.


    1. When lifting, first clean the surface of the workpiece to be lifted, if there is rust and protruding thorns, it should be cleaned. The center line of the lifting magnet should coincide with the center of gravity of the workpiece.
    2. When the workpiece is lifted, overloading is strictly prohibited, and the human body is strictly prohibited from passing under the workpiece. The temperature of the suspended workpiece and the ambient temperature should not be higher than 80 degrees, and no severe vibration or impact.
    3. When lifting a cylindrical workpiece, the V-groove and the workpiece should be kept in contact with two straight lines, and its lifting capacity is only 30% -50% of the steel plate rated lifting capacity.

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