Magnetic Filter

GTEK magnetic filters can protect your products from the ferrous metal pollution, by high intensity magnetic force, they be used for small particles, powders, liquid or semi-liquid materials. No matter in liquid, gravity or pneumatic conveying, you can always find a proper magnetic filter to deal with. For high-flow occasions, we also have a fully automatic magnetic filter for your choice.

Tube Magnet

Tube Magnets can be simply placed in a tank or chute, or arranged at a certain distance to form a magnetic filtration unit. It can effectively absorb iron impurities and small metal particles in loose or flowing raw materials. Maximum magnetic intensity on the tube surface can reach upto 12000 gauss.

Grate Magnet

Grate Magnets are assembled tube magnets with a frame. They are installed or simply placed in the storage, drawer box, hopper and other places, the gap between the magnetic bars is usually arranged as 25mm, which has obtained the best capture efficiency

Drawer Magnet

Drawer Magnets are usually set in the pipeline system by flange connection, compare with the magnets, they have higher capture efficiency, better adaptability, and easier when operating and cleaning.

Magnetic Liquid Trap

Magnetic Liquid Trap is specially designed for fluid or semi-fluid product line, it can be connected to pipes by flanges or clamps. Powerful GTEK magnetic liquid filter remove iron and weakly magnetic particles as small as 30 µm from liquids and powders transported under pressure.

Rotary Magnet

Rotary Magnet is a good choice for removing ferromagnetic impurities in materials that are easy to agglomerate, block, sticky or have poor fluidity. The rotating movement of the magnets prevents bridging and accumulation and improves contact between magnet and product. The result is better separation and higher capacity.

Plate Magnet

Plate systems have a deep magnetic field for capturing large quantities of iron particles with a minimum size of 1 mm from coarser, free-flowing materials. These are suitable for pipeline transport and free-fall systems.

Hump Magnet

Hump Magnet or Hump Magnetic Separator is used in closed production lines, mainly used to removing iron nuggets, iron filings and other ferromagnetic impurities in high capacity gravity flow or wind conveying materials.

Bullet Magnet

Bullet magnets remove iron particles as small as 50 µm from granular and powdered materials in free-fall or pneumatic conveying pipelines. As such, they prevent damage to injection moulding machines, extruders, mixers, grinders and other equipment.


Magnetic filtration is a method that removes iron particles from products that are in liquid or slurry form. It’s a method that can be used in nearly any environment where ferrous, para-magnetic, and grinding medium contamination is an issue. Magnetic filters make this type of filtration easy and effective. In fact, when the filters become full, they can simply be cleaned and reused.

Magnetic Filters include tube magnets, magnetic grids, magnetic drawers and other filtering devices. They are mainly used to capture weak magnetic iron contaminants (such as rust, iron filings), oxides and other small ferromagnetic impurities in liquids, slurry flows, powders, gases, etc.

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The magnetic filters are widely used for removal and recovery of magnetic substances in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, pigment, dye, tobacco, ceramic, machinery, steel, water treatment, automotive coating and other industries. These magnetic substance are attracted to the sleeve of the magnetic rod, plate or bullet under the high magnetic intensity.


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