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The Bullet Magnet consists of a bullet shape magnetic core and a stainless steel shell. The bullet magnetic core is helpful for the materials to smoothly pass through smoothly, reducing the accumulation of materials in the bullet magnet.

The magnetic core has a strong magnetic force, which can effectively adsorb iron impurities mixed in the quickly passing material.

Bullet Magnet is usually installed in gravity pipelines or air ducts, used to remove iron impurities (such as iron filings, nuts, screws, bolts) in dry powder and granular materials.

Its is widely used in food, grain, feed, mining, chemical or other industries.

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    Features & Customized Service

    The bullet shape design of the magnetic core ensures optimal contact between the magnet and the material flow.

    Optional magnetic intensity from 3000GS-15000Gs, ensure the iron impurities be adsorbed firmly until it is removed.

    The cleaning process is simple and because of the convenient-release lock.

    Various connection methods of inlet and outlet to chose.

    Other special requirements, please contact us for a specific customized solution.

    Customized Bullet Magnet - GTEKmagnet

    In-stock Specifications

    Model Dimension (mm) weight (kg)
    φA φB φC H
    GTBM-50 51 150 114 380 9
    GTBM-65 76 185 168 540 20
    GTBM-100 100 165 219 586 34
    GTBM-150 150 225 273 655 48.5
    GTBM-200 198 275 355 760 100
    GTBM-250 248 325 426 850 121
    GTBM-300 298 395 480 880 143
    GTBM-400 395 480 610 1100 227
    bullet magnet size

    When & How to Clean the Bullet Magnet?

    Cleaning Frequency: Bullet Magnet should be cleaned regularly according to the actual working conditions. Generally, the thickness of the iron adsorbed on the surface cannot be thicker than 20mm.

    Cleaning steps: Stop the processing, open the door, move the magnetic core out of the pipeline, then use rag and other auxiliary tools to clean the iron impurities adsorbed on the surface, and close the door after cleaning.

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