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Drawer Magnet is a double-layer or multi-layer grate magnet with a stainless steel housing.

Magnetic drawer separators are suitable for free-flowing products. Generally, they have one or two rows of magnetic bars, staggered one above the other. The bars are located at the centre of the product flow. This ensures that the product always passes very close to one or more magnets.

They are widely used in ceramics, chemicals, plastics, rubber, pigment, mining, food, environmental protection and other fields. They are used to remove ferromagnetic impurities in dry powder, sheet, granular and other materials.

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    Why GTEK® Drawer Magnets?

    Magnetic bars set in cascade, ensures the material touches the most magnets and get best catching efficiency.

    High performance NdFeB magnetic tubes, maximum magnetic intensity can reach upto 12000 gauss.

    Shell material optional from SUS304 or SUS316L, seamless welding is on request to meet hygienic requirements.

    Optional easy-clean extractor tube, by simply pulling the unit with the magnetic bars out of the outer tubes, the captured metal contamination falls off the bars itself.

    Manual Clean or Easy Clean Drawer Magnets

    Round Drawer
    Round Drawer
    Models Dimension (mm) Grate Layer Weight (kg)
    Inner Pipe Diameter Height Length Width
    NRD-150 159 286 208 205 Double 20
    NRD-200 219 258 255 28
    NRD-250 273 308 305 33
    NRD-300 325 358 355 43
    NRS-150 159 216 208 205 Single 16
    NRS-200 219 258 255 20
    NRS-250 273 308 305 24
    NRS-300 325 358 355 31

    * Inlet and outlet dimension is customizable, different flange standard or plain end can be made on request.

    Square Drawer
    Square Drawer
    Models Dimension (mm) Grate Layer Weight (kg)
    Height Length Width
    NSD-2020 270 208 205 Double 16.5
    NSD-2525 258 255 25.5
    NSD-3030 308 305 32.5
    NSD-3535 358 355 39
    NSD-4040 408 405 50
    NSS-2020 200 208 205 Single 12.5
    NSS-2525 258 255 19.5
    NSS-3030 308 305 23.2
    NSS-3535 358 355 27
    NSS-4040 408 405 35.5

    Pneumatic Self-cleaning Drawer Magnet

    Pneumatic self-cleaning drawer magnet is specially designed for continuously production line and large product flow and it's capable for automatic cleaning without stopping the production.


    PLC control, fully automatic cleaning without stopping the production.

    Equipped with high quality air pump, safety and reliable operation.

    Standard with magnetic intensity of 8500 gauss, can be made upto 10000 gauss maximally.

    Double layer design, and more layers can be designed on request.

    Automatic Cleaning Drawer Magnet
    Square Inlet
    Square Inlet
    Model Dimension Bar Quantity
    A B h H L1 L 1st layer 2nd layer
    PCD4040 400 490 250 460 955 1669 4 5
    Round Inlet
    Round Inlet
    Model Dimension Bar Quantity
    φA B h H L1 L 1st layer 2nd layer
    PCD300R 325 490 250 460 955 1669 4 5

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