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GTEK Magnetic Liquid Traps

What is Magnetic Liquid Filter?

Magnetic Liquid Trap, aka Magnetic Liquid Filter or Magnetic Strainer, is used in fluid or semi-fluid product with different viscosity, to remove ferromagnetic particles, keeping the material metal-free and protecting the downstream equipment.

Magnetic liquid traps are fitted with several magnetic bars, arranged by magnetic field simulation, make sure the product always touches the magnetic bars and the magnets are able to extract even the finest iron particles from sticky substances such as chocolate, pastes, powders and fruit juices.

The powerful NdFeB magnetic bars penetrate deep into the product. This allows them to capture even the smallest metal particles, from 30 µm to 2 mm, and even very fine stainless steel. These particles are so small that they cannot even be detected by a metal detector.

GTEK magnetic liquid filters can be divided into three groups: industrial magnetic filters, double-walled filters (often for chocolate) and hygienic magnetic filters.

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    Why GTEK Magnetic Liquid Trap?

    Made to suit a variety specifications of pipeline, with optional connection method by flange, clamp, thread connection or butt welding...

    Maximum magnetic intensity can be made upto 13,000 gauss at the bar surface, this allows them to capture even the smallest metal particles, from 30 µm to 2 mm, and even very fine stainless steel.

    Trust by famous beverage filling, dairy products and canned food companies, we provide products with high hygienic level. CIP cleaning system can be tailor-made to suit your specific cases.

    On-time delivery, optional door-to-door shipping, free air freight packaging with magnetic isolation treatment.


    Industrial Magnetic Liquid Traps

    Manual Clean LT Series

    GTEK LT series industrial magnetic liquid traps are available in various sizes and connection ends. Maximum operating pressure is 10bar (145psi) with standard flange connection.

    It can capatch 98%~99.9% fine particles under 50μm. With a standard operating temperature <80℃. Higher temperature resistance can be made on request, maximum is 350℃.

    Material optional from SUS304 and SUS316L up to corrosion level, PTFE liner is also available on request.

    Connection ends are customizable according to your pipeend, most are connected with flanges.

    Magnetic Liquid Trap with Easy Clean Extractor

    Manual Easy-Clean ELT Series

    GTEK ELT Series Magnetic Liquid Trap allows operator to clean the magnetic system by simply pulling the magnets out of the extractor tubes. The iron particle will fall off itself.

    The easy clean type magnetic strainer has higher efficiency when cleaning and compare to the ordinary type, however due to the thickness of extractor tube, the maxmium magnetic intensity will reduce to 9,000 gauss at the extractor surface.

    Double-Walled Magnetic Liquid Trap

    LTHP Seires double-walled magnetic filters remove iron particles as small as 30 µm from products such as liquid chocolate. The product remains in liquid form due to hot water in the outer wall. The magnetic filter can be made of 304 or 316 stainless steel and is easy to implement in an existing 10 bar pressure pipeline.

    It is an ideal choice for chocolate, jam, syrup or other easily solidified fluids. Also available with easy-cleaning add-on.


    Hygienic Magnetic Filters

    GTEK hygienic magnetic filters adopts quick clamp connection. These hygienic magnetic filters has been specially designed for the food and pharma industries.

    The filter is fitted with neodymium magnetic bars that provide effective separation of very fine Fe particles from 30 µm, weakly magnetic (stainless steel) particles and even iron dust from liquid and powdered products.

    Available with manual or clean-in-place (CIP) cleaning. The entire system is compliant with the highest hygienic requirements in connection with food safety.

    GTEK CIP cleaning system can be designed to either by manual clean or pneumatic-controlled automatic clean. Please contact us for more information.

    Hygienic Magnetic Filter Seamless Welded
    Hygienic Magnetic Filter Seamless Welded

    GTEK has three types of hygienic magnetic filters avaliable as bellow:

    Tri-Clamp Magnetic Filter
    Quick Connect Type Liquid Traps | GTEKmagnet
    Quad-Clamp Magnetic Filter
    Quick Connect Type Liquid Traps - GTEKmagnet
    Magnetic Strainer
    Magnetic Inline Liquid Traps - GTEKmagnet

    When & How to Clean a Magnetic Liquid Trap?

    Cleaning Frequency: It is determined according to the amount of iron impurities in the processed materials, the amount of materials processed per hour, etc.

    The thickness of the powdered iron impurities adsorbed on the surface of the general magnetic rod should not exceed 10 mm. Regular cleaning should be carried out in time to maintain a stable use effect.

    Cleaning steps: When cleaning the magnetic liquid traps, first open the magnetic core fixing screw, remove the magnetic core, clean the iron impurities adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic rods, and then install the magnetic core back into the cylinder body and fix it.

    When installing the magnetic core, check whether the sealing gasket is completely stuck in the gasket slot to avoid the leakage of materials during the work process caused by the misalignment of the gasket. When cleaning the iron impurities on the surface of the magnetic rod, you can use thick cotton gloves, rags, trays and other tools, and you can wash them with water when necessary.

    Tube Magnet

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