Magnetic Liquid Trap

What are magnetic liquid traps?

A magnetic liquid trap, also known as a magnetic liquid filter or magnetic strainer, is used in fluids or semi-fluid products with different viscosities to remove ferromagnetic particles, keep the material metal-free, and protect downstream equipment.

Magnetic liquid traps are fitted with several magnetic bars, as determined by magnetic field simulation. Make sure the product flow touches as many magnetic bars as possible to extract even the finest iron particles.

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    Made to suit a variety of specifications for pipelines, with an optional connection interface by flange, clamp, thread connection, or butt welding...

    Maximum magnetic intensity can be made up to 13,000 gauss at the bar surface, which allows them to capture the finest metal particles in μm grade, and even very fine stainless steel.

    Trusted by well-known companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries, our products meet the highest hygienic level. CIP or self-cleaning system can be provide to suit your specific needs.

    On-time delivery, optional door-to-door shipping, and free air freight packaging with magnetic isolation treatment.

    LT Series

    Manual Clean | General Purpose

    The GTEK LT line is a manually cleaned magnetic liquid trap for a pressure line, and is available in various sizes and connection ends.

    The powerful NdFeB magnetic bars penetrate deep into the product. This allows them to capture even the finest metal particles and even stainless steel. These particles are so small that they cannot be detected by a metal detector.

    The catching efficiency can reach 98%~99.9%, when using for metal particles under 50μm. With a standard operating temperature of <80 °C and a maximum pressure of 10 bar(145 psi).


    • Surface finishing options include brushing, polishing, and sandblasting, both internal and external. Special coatings, such as: PTFE, ECTFE, ETFE, and PFA, for the battery industry can be adopted upon request.
    • The flange standard shall be specified when inquiring, to make sure the liquid trap can be properly fitted into the current pipeline.
    • Default operating temperature is < 80 °C; higher temperatures shall be informed when inquiring.
    • Default operating pressure is < 10 bar; higher pressures shall be informed when inquiring.

    ELT Series

    Manual Easy-Clean | General Purpose

    The GTEK ELT line is a manually cleaned magnetic liquid trap with an easy-clean design: the extractor tube can be removed from the magnet bars to easily wipe down the iron particles that attach to the outer sleeve.

    Due to the thickness of the extractor tube, the maximum magnetic intensity on the material contacting surface is 10000 gauss. But the cleaning efficiency will be significantly increased.


    LTHP Seires

    Manual/Easy Clean | For Easily Solidified Materials

    The LTHP line is double-wall design magnetic filter. It can keep the material flowing through a continuous thermal cycle.

    It is an ideal choice for liquids or semi-liquids that are easy to solidify when cooling, such as chocolate liquor, jam, syrup, etc.

    The LTHP line can also be designed to easy-clean version.


    Quick Connection Liquid Trap

    Manual/Easy Clean | Clamp Connection | Hygienic Applications

    The quick connection liquid trap is used for hygienic applications such as food, dairy, beverage filling, and pharmaceuticals.

    • Design for highest hygienic requirements;
    • Food grade seamless welding;
    • Quick connect and release clamp design;
    • Silicone seal complied with FDA certificate;
    • SUS316L as the material of all contact part;
    • Optional easy clean design;
    Hygienic Magnetic Filter Seamless Welded

    GTEK has four types of quick connection magnetic filters available, as below:

    LTOS Series Tri-Clamp Magnetic Filter
    Quick Connect Type Liquid Traps | GTEKmagnet
    LTS Series Quad-Clamp Magnetic Filter
    Quick Connect Type Liquid Traps - GTEKmagnet
    LT-E Magnetic Strainer
    Magnetic Inline Liquid Traps - GTEKmagnet
    LT-S Magnetic Strainer

    * LT-E and LT-S magnetic strainers are usually used in a cluster. They can be set in a static pipeline system or set on a trolley as a portable magnetic filtration station. You can contact us for more details.


    Automatic Cleaning and CIP Cleaning

    For the requirements of CIP (clean-in-place) and automatic cleaning, we have a PLC controlled pneumatic system. Please contact us for tailor-made solutions.


    No, the liquid trap is a highly customized product. For different applications, there will be a variety of different configurations. General configurations options, such as stainless steel grade, operating temperatures, and flange standard, can all be customized within 45 days. Other special requirements may extend the delivery time by 1-2 weeks.

    Cleaning frequency: It is determined according to the amount of iron impurities in the processed materials, the amount of materials processed per hour, etc.

    For example, after installation, you can inspect the magnet after the first hour of production. If there is a small amount of metal, you can inspect it again after two hours. If there is still a small amount, you can clean the magnet every eight hours. If there is a large amount, you can increase the cleaning interval to prevent the magnet from reaching its maximum tramp metal capacity.

    You can minimize downtime by cleaning the trap during planned shutdowns or at product/batch changeover times. Frequent cleaning helps you identify contaminants more quickly, so you can prevent them from entering the system. If you don’t clean the trap often enough, trash can leave rust stains on the magnetic element and the interior of the liquid trap. You can remove the stains with scouring powder.

    Cleaning steps: When cleaning the magnetic liquid traps, first open the magnetic table fixing screw, remove the magnetic table, use thick cotton gloves, rags, a high-pressure air blow gun, and other tools to clean the iron impurities adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic rods, and you can wash them with water when necessary. And then install the magnetic table back into the cylinder body and fix it.

    When installing the magnetic core, check whether the sealing gasket is completely stuck in the gasket slot to avoid the leakage of materials during the work process caused by the misalignment of the gasket.

    Tube Magnet

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