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Plate Magnet is made of a magnet and a stainless steel shell. The magnet is usually selected from ceramic or rare-earth permanent magnet materials. Magnetic plates are often installed in pipelines, feed ports, discharge ports, conveyor belts, etc.

When the material passes through the magnetic field, the iron impurities in the material will be firmly absorbed by the plate magnet.

It is usually used to filter iron impurities with large particle sizes in the material. Compared with other magnetic filters, such as tube magnet and grate magnet, the magnetic plate has a longer suction range (adsorption distance).

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    The plate magnet is mainly used for removing nails, nuts, wires and other iron impurities mixed in gravel, grain, sugar, flour, wood, minerals or other granular or lump materials during the transmission process.

    Customized Service

    Optional surface treatment: mirror polishing, wire drawing polishing, sandblasting;

    Optional shell material: SS304, SS316;

    Optional magnetic intensity: 1500Gs, 4000Gs, 8000Gs, 10000Gs;

    Optional working temperature: <80 ℃, 100 ℃, 120 ℃, 150 ℃, 180 ℃, 200 ℃, 250 ℃, 300 ℃;

    Optional dimension & accessories: hinges, handles, or other special requirements such as threaded holes can be customized.

    Types of Plate Magnets

    GTEK provides three different types of magnetic plates for using in different transportation conditions

    Flush Surface Plate Magnet
    Flush Surface Plate Magnet - GTEKmagnet

    The flush surface magnetic plate is generally installed above the feed slot. When the material flows under the plate magnet, the iron solids mixed in it will be sucked up to the magnetic plate by the strong magnetic field, ensuring the safety & quality of the products.

    Exposed Pole Plate Magnet
    Exposed Pole Plate Magnet - GTEKmagnet

    The exposed pole magnetic plate is generally installed under the product line, mainly used in the case where the iron impurities are finer. When the product flows through the surface of the magnetic plate, some small iron impurities are adsorbed on the magnetic plate due to direct contact with the magnet.

    Spout Face Plate Magnet
    Spout Face Plate Magnet - GTEKmagnet

    The spout face magnetic plate can efficiently remove the iron impurities in large-flow materials. The unique inclined design prevents the iron impurities from being washed away by the high-speed materials sprayed, and is also easy to clean.

    Standard Specifications of Our Industrial Plate Magnets

    Model Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
    B D T
    FPM-60 250 175 51 5.7
    FPM-120 300 225 76 10.4
    FPM-150 450 360 111 19.1
    NPM-60 190 125 36 3.7
    NPM-120 250 175 46 5.9
    NPM-150 330 240 56 10.3
    plate magnet size

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