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Tube Magnets can be simply placed in a tank or chute, or arranged at a certain distance to form a magnetic filtration unit. It can effectively absorb iron impurities and small metal particles in loose or flowing raw materials. Maximum magnetic intensity on the tube surface can reach upto 12000 gauss.

They are available in various sizes with super-strong neodymium (NdFeB) magnets and filter metal particles as small as 30 µm from powders and granules.

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    GTEK Highly Customizable Magnetic Bars

    Standard diameter of 25mm (1"), maximum length 2500mm. Available in different shapes.

    Seamless stainless steel tube, optional from SUS304 or SUS316L, can be used in food or pharmaceutical industry with high hygienic requirements. Special finishing is on request.

    Standard working temperature ≤80℃, higher temperature-resistance can be achieved by changing the magnet material. Maximum upto 350℃.

    Various end design suit your needs.

    Different magnetic intensity can be achieved by using different grade of magnets. GTEK NdFeB tube magnet using high performance neodymium magnets, standard with 12000 gauss, 25mm diameter.

    Magnetic Bars
    Common End Design
    Tube Magnet With Thread Rod

    With Thread Rod

    Tube Magnet With Thread Hole

    With Thread Hole

    Tube Magnet With Round Rod

    With Round Rod

    Tube Magnet WIth Nail Head

    With Nail Head

    Tube Magnet With Cusp

    WIth Cusp

    Tube Magnet With Ring Nuts

    WIth Ring Nuts

    Bar systems filter small amounts of very fine iron and weakly magnetic particles from 30 µm up to approx. 2 mm out of fine powders, liquids and viscous products present in bulk flows and pipeline transport in various industries. The recommended magnetic intensity for different flow are as below:

    Dry Powder: 7000-8000 gauss

    Slurry: 9000-10000 gauss

    Nanoparticles: 12000 gauss and above

    Tube Magnets are widely used for removal of ferromagnetic substances in various powders and slurries such as ceramic glaze slurry, mud, pigment, feldspar powder, kaolin, quartz sand, frit, silicon carbide, coal water slurry, emulsified oil, lube oil, plastic or any other applications that requires magnetic filtration.

    Magnetic Bars are also the key component of a central heating filter, which is used for removing rust in the central heating system.

    1. “√” means it can reach that magnetic intensity by the corresponding diameter.
    2. “-” means not able to reach that magnetic intensity by the corresponding diameter.
    3. The tube magnets which has smaller diameter than 38mm usually use SmCo material under “EH” temp. condition. But larger diameter will not choose SmCo.
    4. The related Max. working Temp. from different series:
    • High Temperature, H series: 120℃
    • Super High Temperature, SH series: 150℃
    • Ultra High Temperature, UH series: 180℃
    • Extreme High Temperature, EH series: 350℃
    Dia Magnetic Intensity
    0.25T 0.5T 0.7T 0.9T 1T 1.1T 1.2T
    φ10 √ EH √ H
    φ16 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H √ H
    φ19 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H √ H
    φ20 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ SH √ H √ H
    φ22 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H
    φ23 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H
    φ25 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H
    φ28 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H
    φ32 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H
    φ38 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ EH √ UH √ H √ H
    φ50 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ UH √ H √ H √ H
    φ76 √ EH √ EH √ EH √ H √ H √ H √ H
    φ100 √ EH √ EH √ H √ H √ H

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