Magnetic Roller Separator

Dry Type Magnetic Roller Separator


GTEK dry type magnetic roller separator uses ultra-strong magnetic rollers for multiple sorts, it is suitable for sorting minerals with weak magnetism, such as limonite, manganese ore, and after sorting it can be improved by 10 to 25 grades, It is also suitable for removing iron from non-metallic minerals, such as quartz, feldspar, nepheline, sillimanite, spodumene, kaolin, etc.

Magnetic Roller Separator can be used to remove weak magnetic oxides in fine particles or coarse powder materials. It is suitable for purification of materials in non-metallic ore industries such as chemical industry, refractory materials, glass, medicine, ceramics, etc.

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    • Concentrated and composite magnetic system, double pole structure, high magnetic field strength, large gradient.
    • Use soft magnetic materials for magnetic conduction to minimize the loss of magnetic field and greatly increase the specific magnetic force.
    • Optional vibrating feeder to feed the materials evenly and discretely.
    • Automatically unload the adsorbed weak magnetic oxides, which can guarantee a long-term trouble-free operation.
    • The magnetic intensity measured directly at the surface of the magnetic roller can reach more than 15,000 Gauss, and can reach 12,000~13,000 Gauss at the surface on the 2mm thick PU belt surface.
    • Can be designed as single layer or multi-layer according to specific requirements, easy to disassemble and assemble.
    • Magnetic roller speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.

    Customized Service

    GTEK can provide tailor-made magnetic roller separator according to your specific requirements:

    • Belt Length and Width
    • Frame Shapes
    • Magnetic Roller Layer Quantities
    • Magnetic Intensity
    • Equipped With or Without Vibrating Feeder
    • With or Without Anti-Dust Cover
    • Laboratory or Production Type
    • With or without drum magnet for primary selection

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