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What is Welding Magnet?

Welding Magnet aka Magnetic Welding Holder or Magnetic Welding Clamp are used to connect two objects that need to be welded together and fix them at a certain angle, so that workers can accurately weld them.

With the help of magnetic welding clamp, you can greatly improve the working efficiency during welding, and has become a good helper recognized by welding workers.

GTEK provides a variety of magnetic welding holders for you to choose. Distributors in various regions are welcome to send us bulk orders, for which we have prepared corresponding wholesale prices and special services such as customized LOGO.

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    Multi-angle Welding Magnets

    • The multi-angle welding magnet has a 30° / 60° corner and a standard 45 ° corner / 90° right angle. The central round hole makes it easier to be picked;
    • Large suction power, stable fixing, safe and reliable;
    • Two welding magnets can be connected by riveting holes to provide more reliable magnetic force.
    Model Angles Dimension (mm) Weight (g)
    WM4-304590S 30°/60°/45°/90° 59*50*12 220
    WM4-304590M 110*95*18 460
    WM4-304590L 150*130*18 780
    Multi-angle Welding Magnets in action - GTEKmagnet

    Welding Magnets with ON/OFF Switch

    • The magnet ON/OFF can be controlled by the switch, which is easier to fix and remove, more convenient and safe to use, and suitable for welding and fixing the inner corner of various magnetic conductive materials;
    • Suitable for welding various magnetic materials fixed at right angles.
    Model Angles Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
    WM1-4590S 45°/90° 111*95*25 0.5
    WM1-4590L 152*130*35 1
    Welding Magnets With Switch - GTEKmagnet

    Multi-angle Magnetic Welding Holder with ON/OFF Switch (Arrow & Hexagon)

    • Strong suction power, 2.5 times of ordinary welding magnet;
    • Double-layer galvanized panel, flat and no deformation, better magnetic performance, corrosion resistance and longer service life;
    • Multi-angle positioning, standard angle design, more accurate positioning, multi-angle to meet your various placement needs;
    • One-step demagnetization, labor-saving positioning, safe use, no residue of iron filings. Adjust the position before opening the magnetic field, no matter how strong the suction is, you will never afraid of gripping your hands.

    Arrow Shape Without Switch

    Model Dimension (mm) Angles Weight (kg) Pull Off Force
    L W T
    FMS1-S 121 83 18 45°/90°/135° 0.4 55LBS (25kg)
    FMS1-M 163 112 23 0.85 110LBS (50kg)
    FMS1-L 198 136 27 1.4 165LBS (75kg)
    FMS1-XS 80 54 12 0.12 28LBS (12.5kg)

    Arrow Shape With Switch

    Model Dimension (mm) Angles Weight (kg) Pull Off Force
    L W T
    FM3-S 120 81 18+18 45°/90°/135° 0.43 15-25 (kg)
    FM3-M 163 112 21+18 0.85 30-50 (kg)

    Hexagon Without Switch

    Model Dimension (mm) Angles Weight (kg) Pull Off Force
    L W T
    FM2-S 97 80 16 30°/45°/60°/75°/90°/105° 0.4 25kg
    FM2-M 129 111 21 0.85 50kg

    Hexagon With Switch

    Model Dimension (mm) Angles Weight (kg) Pull Off Force
    L W T
    FM4-S 96 80 18+18 30°/45°/60°/75°/90°/105° 0.5 15-25 (kg)
    FM4-M 129 111 21+18 1.0 30-50 (kg)
    Multi-angle Welding Magnets - GTEKmagnet
    Hexagon Welding Magnets in action - GTEKmagnet
    Arrow Welding Magnets in action

    Welding Magnets with Adjustable Angles

    • The adjustable-angle magnetic welding clamp has a clear scale display, which can form the held two workpieces at any angle within 20° -200°, also can quickly and accurately fix the workpiece, and can also be easily welded inside;
    • Free hex wrench, use it to quickly change the angle and lock, both inside and outside are magnetic.
    Model Dimension (mm) Angles Weight (kg) Pull Off Force
    L W T
    WM10-S 110 63 14 20°-200° 0.25 22
    WM10-M 120 78 16 0.4 35
    Welding Magnets With Adjustable Angles | GTEK

    Magnetic Welding Holder for Steel Plates

    MWC5 Magnetic Welding Clamp | GTEK MAGNET
    MWC6 Magnetic Welding Clamp | GTEK MAGNET
    MWC4 Magnetic Welding Clamp | GTEK MAGNET
    MWC7 Magnetic Welding Clamp | GTEK MAGNET

    Multi-angle steel plate welding holder is suitable for fixing steel plates, pipes, rods, angle steel, channel steel, etc.

    Each side of the magnetic welding clamp has magnetic force, suitable for welding and positioning at various angles.

    This product is controlled by a 180° rotary switch, easy to control the ON/OFF of magnetic force.

    The magnetic sources of these magnetic welding clamps are made of high-performance neodymium magnet, which have maximum pull-off force of 120kg, ensure your safety during metal welding work.

    What is welding magnet - GTEKmagnet

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