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Rotary Magnet is mainly composed of three parts: rotating magnetic system, stainless steel housing and geared motor. Rotary Magnet is widely used in powdery or granular material production industries.

It is the best choice for removing ferromagnetic impurities in materials that are easy to agglomerate, block, sticky or have poor flowing.

The rotating movement of the magnets prevents bridging and accumulation and improves contact between magnet and product. The result is better separation and higher capacity.

Mainly used in food, food additives, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials, pigments, carbon black, flame retardants and other industry production lines.

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    Why GTEK® Rotary Magnets?

    Best possible contact between magnets and product, better separation and higher capacity.

    Easy cleaning by simply two steps: pull out the magnet system and pull out the extractor tube, iron particles fall off itself.

    Maximum magnetic intensity tested up to 13,000 gauss on the magnetic bar surface, and 9,000 gauss outside the extractor tube.

    Connection interface can be customized as per required specification.

    Shell material can be chosen from SUS304 or SUS316L, optional finishing from sandblasting, polishing or brushed depending on hygenic requirements.

    GTEK Rotary Magnet with Easy Clean Sleeve

    GTEK Rotary Magnetic Grid is your best choice for flour, lithium battery materials, medicines, etc. It breaks apart cohesive materials and removing ferrous material from the process stream.

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