Permanent Cross Belt Magnet

What are Cross Belt Magnets?

Cross belt magnets or overband magnets are a kind of magnetic separator designed for belt conveyors.

The permanent cross belt magnets have a permanent magnetic block as the core and a vulcanized rubber belt as the self-unloading system. Designed to attract ferrous impurities from the material and discharge them over the belt.

GTEK permanent cross belt magnets provide industries with a reliable and extremely effective solution for metal extraction.


1. Vulcanized rubber belt with cleaning cleats; wear-resistant rubber; easy-change design.

2. Gear motor-driven or hydraulic-driven, less space consumption, high applicability.

3. Compact design, solid structure, easy installation, and maintenance-free.


4. Self-belt deflection correction and stable operation.

5. Optional stainless steel sheet armor extends belt life from tearing and wearing.

6*. With an active magnetic width (adapt conveyor belt width) of up to 1600mm (63") and an operating height of up to 450mm (17¾").

* Stainless steel frame covers and belt guards are optional add-ons; mild steel is used as the standard configuration.
* Larger magnets are customizable; please contact us for more details.

Type Designation

RC1 Y2 Q3 - 124

1. RC = Magnet family name

2. Magnet type
Y = Permanent magnet type / D = Electromagnet type

3. Structure
= Compact design / D = Heavy duty design / K = Stainless steel armored

4. Active magnet width*
= 1200mm

* Active magnet width is based on cross-belt installation.

RCYQ Permanent Cross Belt Magnet

RCYQ Cross Belt Magnet

The RCYQ cross belt magnet can be suspended on most belt conveyors, vibrating feeders, and chutes. It is suitable for both in-door and out-door applications. Designed to catch small and medium metal objects in the recycling and metal sorting industries.

The driven motor can be changed to a hydraulic motor to integrate into the existing power source on mobile equipment. Widely used for separating rebars from construction and demolition waste OR metals from wood chips.

RCYD Permanent Cross Belt Magnet

RCYD Cross Belt Magnet

RCYD is a general-purpose conveyor magnet widely used on static conveyor lines in the mining, aggregate, steel plant, and C&D industries.

It has a larger magnet block as the power core, which provides a larger magnet active area and better catching efficiency.

Its heavy-duty channel frame can well absorb the impact of heavy metals. And chain-driven design makes the transmission simpler but more stable in a harsh environment.

RCYK Permanent Cross Belt Magnet

RCYK Cross Belt Magnet

The vulcanized rubber belt can be covered with stainless steel armor to prevent cutting and tearing by sharp metals like rebars and steel sheets, effectively extending the service life of the rubber belt.

This upgrade is optional on both RCYQ and RCYD series.


RCYQ Series

ModelActive Width (mm)Burden Depth* (mm)Rated Suspended Height (mm)Power (kW)Suitable Belt Speed (m/s)Dimension L*W*H (mm)Weight (kg)

RCYD Series
RCYK Series**


  1. * Burden depth = material layer thickness
  2. ** Any of the listed models can be upgraded to RCYK series with add-on stainless steel armour.
  3. Dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.

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The major components of a crossbelt magnet or overband magnet are a block magnet (permanent or electro) with a continuously running, endless belt. When the ferrous metals pass through the magnetic area, they will be attracted to the surface of the rubber belt and thrown crosswise by the cleaning cleats mounted on the belt. The magnet can be suspended either cross-belt (perpendicular to the product flow) or inline (parallel above the product flow).

Most models are semi-finished. The typical production time will be 25–35 days depending on the input voltage required.

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