Over Belt Magnetic Separator for Mobile Crusher

GTEK MAGNET Overbelt Magnet on Bauma China 2020

Permanent Overbelt Magnetic Separator Made by GTEK MAGNET

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From November 24 to 27, 2020, Bauma China was held at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai. This biennial grand exhibition of construction machinery, building materials machinery, and mining machinery industries has attracted many suppliers and practitioners from the related fields.

Bauma China 2020 - Largest & Most Important Event for Mining Industry

Although due to the impact of Covid-19 this year, the number of foreign exhibitors and visitors were much less than before, but the scene was still very lively.

GTEK MAGNET®, as the leading supplier of magnetic separator industry, also brought our main product "overbelt magnetic separator" to the scene.

Find GTEK Overbelt Magnetic Separator in Bauma China 2020

Overbelt Magnet for Metal Recycling & Removing

Overbelt magnetic separator, as the most common conveyor belt magnetic separator, is widely used in the field of mining machinery, especially for setting before or after the crushers to prevent the high-value equipment from demage and materials get polluted, by tramp ferrous metals. In short, the overbelt magnet is an indispensable important equipment in the mining field.

Overbelt Magnetic Separator for Mobile Crushers

Many mobile crusher manufacturers who came to the site are using our RCYQ series light-weight permanent overband magnet which is specially designed for the mobile crushing station industry:

The compact body allows the cross belt magnet to exert its iron removal ability even in a narrow and limited space.

Optional hydraulic drive motor, can be integrated to the existing hydraulic system of the mobile installation, so that no additional power supply is required.

Unique model design, simple installation, more convenient and quicker belt replacement, optional armored belt, to prevent sharp iron impurities from scratching the belt, prolong the life of the belt, and save operating costs.

Super performance, unique Neodymium and Ferrite composite magnetic system, deeper penetration and stronger adsorption capacity. We also provide optional T1, T2, T3 magnetic intensity enhanced type.

Why GTEK MAGNET's Overbelt Magnetic Separator?

As the top manufacturer of overbelt magnets in China, we have more than 20 years' manufacturing experience of conveyor belt magnetic separators. Meanwhile, we are located in one of the largest origins of rare earth materials in the world, which greatly expands our product price advantage.

At present, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries in North America, South America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. We are also the designated overbelt magnetic separator supplier for many mobile crusher and wood grinder brands. Our annual output of overband magnets can reach more than 1000 sets.

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Conveyor Belt Magnets

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