Magnetic Coolant Separator

GTEK Magnetic Coolant Separator


Magnetic Coolant Separator aka Magnetic Coolant Cleaner is suitable for removing iron filings of cooling liquid and purify the circulation device.

It is used for cooling fluid purification of grinder, lapping, wire drawing electromechanical processing and other equipment.

The iron filings will be automatically separated from the cutting fluid by the powerful magnetic force of the magnetic drum, which improves product quality, reduces costs, and improves production efficiency.

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    Features & Specifications

    Small size, easy to install and use;

    It can provide a magnet with a maximum magnetic field strength of 12000Gs, and efficiently recover iron scrap with weaker magnetism;

    The use of high-quality rubber rollers makes the wringing process more efficient and has a longer service life.

    Tips: We can also provide a customized product according to your requirements.

    Model Capacity (L/min) Motor Power
    Standard Strong magnetic type
    PMC-20F PMC-20H 20 25W
    PMC-40F PMC-40H 40 25W
    PMC-60F PMC-60H 60 25W
    PMC-80F PMC-80H 80 25W
    PMC-120F PMC-120H 120 25W
    PMC-240F PMC-240H 240 60W
    PMC-360F PMC-360H 360 120W
    PMC-500F PMC-500H 500 240W

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