Magnetic Tools

Use GTEK magnetic tools to increase your work productivity & efficiency, enjoy your work with GTEK magnets.

Magnetic Coolant Separator

Magnetic Coolant Separator aka Magnetic Coolant Cleaner is suitable for removing iron filings of cooling liquid and purify the circulation device.

Magnetic Chucks

Magnetic Chucks are widely used magnetic fixtures in machining fields such as machinery factories, mold factories, etc. GTEK offers both Permanent Magnetic Chucks & Electro-permanent Magnetic Chucks (EEPM Chucks) for your chose.

Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic Sweepers aka Rolling Magnets or Magnetic Brooms are used to remove iron filings, nails, nuts, studs in car repair shops or other workplaces.

Welding Magnets

Welding Magnets are used to connect two objects that need to be welded together and fix them at a certain angle, so that workers can accurately weld them.

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used to uniformly or quantitatively supply materials from storage bins or other storage equipment to receiving equipment. It is a necessary equipment for automatic flow operation.

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