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Magnetic Drum Separator aka drum magnet with housing or housed drum magnet can remove iron contaminants from powder or fine-grained materials, it is suitable for purification of non-metallic ores such as refractory materials, glass, ceramics, abrasives, etc. Widely used in chemical, food, electronics and recycling industries.


  • Using rare-earth permanent magnet materials as magnetic source, which has large penetration depth and strong suction.
  • 304 or 316L stainless steel can be used as the surface material to meet the sanitary requirements of production of food, biology and pharmacy.
  • Maintenance-free, safe and reliable while using.
  • Automatic removal of iron debris, designed for continuous work.
  • Can be made into two-drum type or multi-drum type.
  • A variety of magnetic forces are available (1000 ~ 6000Gs).
  • If you have higher requirements for the motor, we are also able to provide SEW® motors.

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    Specifications of Our Standard Model Magnetic Drum Separator


    Customized Service

    GTEK MAGNET provides a comprehensive customized magnetic drum separator solution, which includes: the quantity of magnetic drums, the shape and size of the housing, RAL color, magnetic force, etc.

    Our experts can make special customization upon your request:

    Customized Shell
    • Different outer shells can be provided in GTEK customized service, you can decide the material of the shell, the size of the inlet and outlet, as well as the shape of the shell and component layout;
    Customized Drum
    • Using different magnet material, we can provide magnetic drums with different magnetic force. Normal magnetic intensity range from 2,000-3,500gauss, for other magnetic forcc, please contact us for details.

    How Does a Magnetic Drum Separator Work?

    The Magnetic Drum Separator contains one or more semi-magnetic drums and a housing. The material is fed from above the housing and enters the magnetic field area for magnetic separation.

    The magnetic material is adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic drum and rotates out of the magnetic field area with the drum.

    The magnetic material falls due to gravity and completes the separation

    How Does a Magnetic Drum Separator Work - GTEKmagnet

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