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Electro Overband Magnetic Separator For Metal Recycling

Success Case Of Electro Overband Magnet

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Customer's Situation

"A" is a well-known company in steel recycling plants. They want us to provide a magnetic solution on their new scrap processing system. And their intended product was overband magnets.

The material to be separated is unprocessed scrap iron. Our customer first use magnetic drums for primary separation, they will separate materials into ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

However, there are still some ferrous metals in the separated non-ferrous metals, such as cast iron, mild steel and so on. These 10-15 kg alloy blocks are usually unable to be accurately separated by the drum magnets due to their weak magnetic properties. The non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc and brass, etc., and scarps sometimes contain 20-30% dust.

Our Solution: Electro Overband Magnetic Separator

According to the customer's situation, Our engineers recommended the RCDD electromagnetic self-cleaning cross belt magnet/ electro overband magnet to them, and the field strength of the 900Gs version was selected. The maximum field strength of self-cooling type electro overband magnet can reach 1500 Gauss. By learning the width of the customer’s existing belt conveyor, we finally determined the models of RCDD-6.5 and RCDD-10.

After repeated negotiations, our customer finally sent us the purchase order.

Feedback Of RCDD-6.5 & RCDD-8 Electro Overband Magnets

According to the customer’s feedback, the current conditions of RCDD-6.5 & RCDD-10 overband magnet are good, the weaker magnetic alloy blocks can be accurately separated from non-ferrous metals, and the average daily scrap iron separation capacity can reach 600 tons.

Through this cooperation, the customer’s trust in us has been greatly enhanced. , And confirm to order more magnets for conveyor belts from us in the future.

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