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A Busy Day of a Magnetic Separator Manufacturer

As always, GTEK MAGNET ushered in a new busy day. As the world's leading provider of magnetic solutions, we must count on every second to deliver the best quality products and services to our customers within a predetermined time.

GTEK MAGNET is a professional magnetic separator manufacturer in China. As you can see, our main products are magnetic separators and various industrial magnets. Our customers come from various fields, among which mining and recycling industries account for the majority. At present, we have a team of nearly 50 people, most of which are old employees with more than 5 years of production and sales experience.

Our Mission Today

GTEK’s slogan is that today’s task must be completed within today. And today we will complete the production of 15 cross belt magnetic separators, 1 eddy current separator, and the painting and packaging of 3 cross belt magnetic separators. This order comes from a well-known Australian company in recycling industry. In the workshop, workers have begun to assemble in accordance with quality standards in an orderly manner.

Cross Belt Magnet in Assembly - GTEK MAGNET
Cross Belt Magnet in Assembly - GTEK MAGNET

What Makes Our Production Process More Efficient?

Clean workshops and tidy parts warehouses are necessary factors to improve production efficiency.

GTEK MAGNET divides the entire production workshop into 5 mian areas: parts area, assembly area, storage area, powder coating and painting area, and packaging and delivery area, each area has a dedicated person in charge. This allows workers between different areas to better cooperate and complete their responsibilities, which greatly improves the work schedule and product quality for our professional customer.

Timely communication between sales staff and production supervisors can bring customers the best solutions for specific situations and provide the possibility for rapid product customization. In this way, GTEK completed the coordinated operation of various departments, and maximized the efficiency of one single day.

Mission Completed

In the afternoon, when the truck we reserved in advance arrived at the gate of the factory, the freight department loaded the goods that are promised to be shipped "today", which also means GTEK MAGNET's "today" was over. At the same time, we are looking forward to a beautiful and busy "tomorrow".

Eddy Current Separator Shipping
Eddy Current Separator Shipping

Learn More About Our Products

GTEK Magnet is a professional magnetic separator manufacturer with 20 years' experience of manufacturing industral magnets & magnetic separator and has provided various magnetic solutions for the factories around the world.

Our product lines including: Magnetic Filter, Lifting Magnets, Conveyor Belt Magnets, Magnetic Separator, Permanent Magnets, and Magnetic Tools.

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